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Bulgarian nightlife is an exciting amusement. If you want to spend your whole time in Bulgaria partying everyday from dusk till dawn, you can. You can go to a club, casino or enjoy some of the many restaurants that feature such unique fare as bear, boar, partridge and pheasant, as well as seafood. Nightclubs span traditional taverns with Bulgarian folk-music, to blaring, bumping, discos playing the latest European and American dance tunes.

Nightlife is an essential part of the Bulgarian cities and the big centres like Sophia, Varna and Bourgas offer the widest range of bars, nightclubs and casinos – it is just a case of choosing the one that suits your mood there. A ticket to many Bulgarian resorts is also a ticket to Partyville and even the quieter resorts have one or two discos playing world pop music hits. Furthermore, most of the Black Sea resorts clubs stand on the beach, in the sand, so you can swim at any time as many people do.


You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol in Bulgaria. Most bars and cafes stay open until midnight because at that time people move on to nightclubs. There are also numerous bars which operate until 4 or 5 AM and even 24 hours a day.


Bulgarian clubs play music ranging from techno to jazz and rock to salsa. Nightclub admission is cheap, on average 3 leva (approx £1.00). Bulgarians are open-minded when it comes to dress, so you can wear whatever you like.


The most popular games in Bulgaria are Roulette, Black Jack, and Poker. Punto Banco, Baccarat, Craps is not very popular among the public. There are three casinos plus some seasonal ones in the city of Varna, three in Bourgas and at least one in each of the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. You must be over 18 to visit any of them.

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