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II. n
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Bulgarian passport


The Bulgarian passport is a legal document that a Bulgarian citizen needs in order to travel outside the country. Recently, it has become very popular among the citizens of Bulgaria's neighboring states - particularly  among Macedonian citizens. It is also popular with the Bulgarian minority living in Moldova, the Bessarabian Bulgarians, because Bulgaria is set to join the European Union in 2007, and all Bulgarian passport holders will become EU citizens from 2007 onwards.

Bulgarian passport
EU citizens will need only a valid id card or passport to cross bulgarian borders
Citizens of EU member states will be able to cross the country’s border with only a valid ID card or passport when their stay does not exceed 3 months. This is regulated in the government’s bill on the entry and stay of EU citizens and the members of their families in Bulgaria. The bill regulates the rules and procedures for EU citizens and members of their families to use their right of free movement and stay in EU member states as well as the restrictions to the rules with a view to public order, public security and public health. EU citizens and the members of their family who are not residents of EU member states will have all rights and obligations under Bulgarian laws and international treaties signed by Bulgaria, except for those under which Bulgarian citizenship is required.
The document regulates the types and periods of stay: short-term – up to 3 months; long-term – from 3 months to 5 years; and permanent – over 5 years. In case of a short-term stay, EU nationals need only an ID card or a passport. In order to stay for more than 3 months in the country, they have to acquire a long-stay certificate issued by the National Police Service and to be hired or self-employed in Bulgaria; to prove they have sufficient finances to cover their expenses or to be enrolled in legitimate educational establishments. The long-stay application form has to be filed at the National Police Service within 4 months of the arrival date. It is issued on the same day and is valid for an indefinite period of time.
The bill also regulates the restrictions to the entry and stay, relevant to public order, national security and public health. When a person uses counterfeit ID documents, the bill provides for fines as well as when the person prevents the competent bodies from carrying out a check.
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