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In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Димитриево
Location: South-Central Bulgaria
Distance to capital city: 192.828 km from Sofia
Latitude: 42.183N
Longitude: 25.567E
Altitude: 100 - 199m above sea level
Province: Stara Zagora District
Municipality: Chirpan Minicipality
Area size of Village of Dimitrievo: 19.83km2
Population of Village of Dimitrievo: 260 inhabitants (to 01/01/2006)
Post code (ZIP) of Village of Dimitrievo: 6259
Phone code of Village of Dimitrievo: 041339 from Bulgaria, 0035941339 from outside
The village of Dimitrievo is located in southern Bulgaria 15 km from the town of Chirpan. Chirpan is a town and a municipality which includes 21 settlements with 25936 residents. It is part of Stara Zagora Province. Chirpan Municipality is situated in the Upper Thracian Plaine, in the southwestern part of Stara Zagora District, Bulgaria. It covers an area of 522,9 sq. km. The municipal land is hilly and includes parts of Srenda Gora Mountain (the Chirpan Heights) to the north and part of the Maritsa River valley. The average altitude is around 240 m. and the climate is temperate continental.The average annual temperature is around 12В° C. Winter is colder and the snow cover lasts longer than in the other parts of Stara Zagora Region. The best part of the agricultural land consists of fertile black earth, thus conducive to the development of agriculture. There are no industrial sites polluting the environment in the Municipality of Chirpan. Agriculture is the major sector in the municipal economy. Chirpan has favorable conditions for a large vine-growing industry with a tradition in the production of light and champagne wines in Noviko winery, a successor of Loviko – Chirpan. There are favourable conditions for the development of tourism – cultural, eco-, rural and in other attractive forms, based on the natural beauty of the region and the unique historical background. The agriculture of the village is well developed. The land is mainly cultivated with wheat, sunflower, corn. For the past several years a cultivation of lavender and cotton has began. There is a stone slate in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia discovered in the territory of the village of Dimitrievo whict contain an inscription revealing the history of the village.  The village of Dimitrievo has the amenities for a normal living. It provides peacefulness to enjoy your vacation.
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