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The region of Dragoyna is located, where the Maritza valley lightly changes with the high mountains of the Rhodopes. The Dragoyna peak has two culminations, called Goliama (Big) and Malka (Small) Dragoyna with attitude difference of 110 m. They are connected by a saddle.


Dragoyna is located in a low mountain region on the northern slopes of the Rhodopes Mountain, in the central south part of Bulgaria. It is set on the boundary between the Eastern and the Western parts of the Rhodopes and in the southern periphery of the Maritza valley, which is the largest river south of the Stara Planina Mountain. The peak of Dragoyna is the highest point here – 813,60 m attitude.
As the highest point in the region the peak has a great view to the surrounding areas. The site has probably been of strategic importance as it provides a visible area with a radius of 40 km.


The highest part of the peak of Goliama Dragoyna – an area of about 2 dka – is surrounded by a stone wall, which can be seen on the surface as stone ruins 4 to 10 m in width. The ruins consist largely of local stones with irregular shape, together with some large dressed stone blocks. A concentration of artifacts is registered on the surface and in the treasure hunters’ “trenches” within the area, surrounded by the stone wall as well as north from the stone wall. Pottery and treasure hunters’ digs can be found also in an area of about 1 dka in the saddle between Goliama and Malka Dragoyna, where one of the ways to the peak is located. Traces of an ancient road are visible on the eastern slopes of the peak, which currently offer the shortest way to the site. Some artifacts are registered on the southeast slopes. The artifacts mapping suggests that they were part of the road.
In the past years the sanctuary is regularly ruined by treasure hunters. In more than 50% of its area the archaeological layers and attendant structures are completely destroyed. The information which could be obtained by the archaeologists here is irretrievably lost.
In V century BC the powerful Odryssian kingdom was established in the fecund Maritza valley. The kingdom had survived for centuries and left a lot of traces in the lands of South Bulgaria. The region of Dragoyna had probably been a local center of the Thracian aristocracy within the Odryssian kingdom. A high concentration of Thracian tumuli is registered in the area. A well known golden ring had been found in Ezerovo, near to Dragoyna site. The ring bears an inscription in Thracian with Greek letters. It indicates that the relatives dedicate the ring to the deceased. A settlement, most probably related with the sanctuary, was located close to the village of Dragoynovo.
In I century AD this part of Thrace was added to the Roman empire, and later it remained a part of its eastern half. In the region we know about a town center, fortifications and churches from the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Probably in this period the most popular legend – about queen Dragoyna – grew up.
The archaeological site on the Dragoyna peak had been registered for first time in 1955 by prof. Ivan Velkov ( ИАИ, ХІХ, 1955, p. 85–93). He interpreted the site as a fortress with the argument of the preserved parts of the stone wall. The focal point of his investigations was the large Thracian settlement located in the peak foots, south of the village of Dragoynovo.
In the last decades, archaeological investigations interpret sites of this type as Thracian sanctuaries. Similar function has been suggested for the site in Dragoyna (Leshtakov, RPRP, 5, 2001, p. 19 – 51). Regular archaeological excavations have not been realized before 2004 despite the specialists’ interest and the located important sites in the near vicinity.
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