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Bulgaria, Ihtiman




1-st golf course build in Bulgaria. Located just 40 km from Sofia on the Trakia Highway E-80 you will find one of the best kept secrets in the Balkans. Hotel and Country Club Air Sofia has been developed over the last four years to provide you, your friends and family with an incredible choice of sports and leisure activities that will match any in the world.

  Bulgarian Golf supported the charity mission to Asia. On January 8th the Bulgarian Golf Federation called an extraordinary charity tournament. The first competition of the new year gathered 38 players. Some of those who could not participate sent donation letters. For a few hours only the Golf club raised 1,649 levs of donations. The sum was transferred to a charity bank account.

Mr Nikolay Dimitrov won the charity tournament. Special guests of the tournament were the Ambassadors of Indonesia HM Broto Utomo, the honorary counsel of Thailand - Mr Victor Melamed and Ihtiman's major Margarita Petkova.



         One of the oldest and most popular sports in the world - golf, was introduced five years ago. The first golf course with 18 holes in Bulgaria was the one in Ihtiman and it was the base for the Bulgarian golf history. It took only 11 months to transform the weedy idles near Ihtiman in a great place for playing golf.


         The first long flight of the small golf ball in Bulgaria was on the 10th of June 2000, when Ihtiman golf course was opened. For its five years existence in Bulgaria, golf parameters multiplyied when the second course in Sliven was opened by the town mayor Jordan Lechkov. Some other projects for building golf courses are about to be prepared aiming the Black sea region, Bansko and other areas in Bulgaria...


         The most popular golf course in Bulgaria is situated near Ihtiman. The complex is innovative in many fields, including nightlight golf tournaments. It is hosting many golf events - monthly or even more frequently. Many of the tournaments are already traditional for the golfers.

The golf reputation is rising, so the number of the golfers in Bulgaria is rapidly growing. There are no age limits and you can see young, older golfers or even kids at the green. The first golf players clubs and youth sections are born. In future, golf will gain more and more popularity and will keep on growing. Once someone grips the club, he will never miss opportunity to play golf again. Because golf became a lifetime sport for Bulgarians.

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